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Learn to Sing!

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Learn to Sing!

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Learn to Sing!

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Learn to Sing!

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Here’s a few of the closely held secrets I’ll be revealing in this gem:


Conquer Stage Fright


Tone Deafness


Vocal Strength


Generating Tone


Tongue Twisters


Star Performance


Increasing Vocal Range


Working Falsetto


Stage Presence


Warming Up


Speech Level Singing


Much More

Chapter 18

Strengthening Tone

Singing isn’t merely a matter of hitting the right notes but hitting them effectively, specifically, and with strength and agility.

Just like any muscle that is strong, it needs to be exercised, and one of the best exercises in increasing vocal strength and ability is the bubbles exercise that I’m showing you here.

The way we do this exercise is by allowing the lips to make a bubbles type of sound. What we’re effectively doing is producing a sound, reminiscent of a motorboat, with our lips bubbling.

You may have played this little game when you were a child in the bubble bath when you put your lips under the water and you blew making a humming sound, hence the sound of a bubbling motorboat.

This exercise isn’t much different. Some people might have difficulty in relaxing their lips and making the bubbling sound, while others may find it tricky in maintaining the bubbling sound for very long, so, to help in facilitating this, we lightly place our fingers upon our cheeks. What we do from here is basically how humming, the sound of our vocal scales.

This exercise may seem a little silly at first, but it’s one of the absolute best and most powerful ways of strengthening your vocal tone.

Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.


Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.

David Bowie

I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others

James Taylor

A musician should only sound like what they do, and no two musicians should sound the same.

Dave Grohl

About your coach.

Born in Hollywood and raised in the entertainment business, rubbed elbows with the most famous of superstars, trained with the most prestigious coaches and musicians, I recorded my first internationally distributed vinyl record when I was only 11 years old.

I’ve worked and trained countless superstars that have celebrated multi-platinum selling status. Some of my students have performed at the Grammy Awards, and People’s Choice Award ceremonies, on MTV, toured the world’s largest stages, have performed at the White House before the President of the United States, and a myriad of other platforms.

Some of the wonderful people I have trained celebrate incredible levels of success in the entertainment industry adorning Gold and Platinum album awards, packed stadiums, undeniable fame and popularity.

My techniques work, what I teach is fun, easy and best of all, extremely effective.

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